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Haiku Workshop Coming up this Saturday, March 3

On Saturday, March 3, the Syracuse Poster Project will collaborate with The Stand for the second year in a row to present the South Side poetry workshop. The workshop, which will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at the South Side Communication Center, is a free event designed to help people with their Haiku writing technique. Read More »

Where I'm From…

Spoken Word Poetry by Liz Mills, Corcoran High School Junior Read More »

Poetry by Jasmine Price

Like Liberty Why can’t I be like the wind? Listlessly sliding and gliding through the trees I long to embody the breeze Swirling and sighing silently where ever I please Read More »

Poetry by Michael Ryan

If only I knew what poetry was, I’d write you and spill my soul. I’d share what I felt, you’d see what I see, our connection being the only goal. Read More »