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Current Issue

In our upcoming April print issue, Kayli Thompson reports on our cover story on the CUSE DIVAS, a competitive dance squad. Staff reporter Ashley McBride followed along as Fight for $15 supporters pledged to live on minimum wage for a week. Ryan Raigrodski reports on how a historic church may soon become listed on the National Register of Historic Places, ... Read More »

Come Together

Youth center creates support group for women to share their struggles Read More »

Minimum Wage Challenge

The Central New York Fight for 15 Coalition kicked off its minimum wage challenge on Sunday, March 6, inviting the public to take part and follow along with those who had already pledged to do so. For five days, more than 20 volunteers, activists and leaders will live on the minimum wage of $9 an hour, or $97 a week ... Read More »

Taste of Africa

George Kilpatrick hopes that through community cooking classes, people will come to realize that eating healthily is not as difficult as it seems. At the first of six community cooking classes, Kilpatrick demonstrated how to incorporate healthy alternatives into your diet while also infusing African staples into the meal. “Everybody wants to improve their lives, but they don’t know how ... Read More »

Merger Discussion Continues

Syracuse residents are still skeptical about a potential consolidation of the city and county governments. At the most recent Consensus CNY meeting on Feb. 29, committee members tried to assure the crowd at a packed Southwest Community Center that the consolidation would have positive results for city residents. The Commission on Local Government Modernization put out a report in January ... Read More »

‘Fight for $15’

Syracuse supports New York state’s effort to raise the minimum wage The Syracuse Common Council voted 8-1 in February to urge the state’s lawmakers to adopt a measure that would set $15 an hour as the minimum wage for all workers in the city. The approved resolution lends the city’s official backing to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to ... Read More »

Philosophy of Sport

Southside Academy Charter School students ponder ethical dilemmas Professor Ben Bradley posed a series of seemingly straightforward questions to a group of seventh and eighth graders about sports Friday, Feb. 26. Is it OK to take performance-enhancing drugs? Should men and women compete against each other? Should the winning team always be considered the better team? At first, the Southside ... Read More »

Role Model

Syracuse’s solo state-qualified wrestler just wants to serve people Naseem Fielder, a senior at Corcoran High School, competed in New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s Division I championship on Feb. 26. He’s been wrestling since he was a freshman, but this was his first trip to the state finals. At the sectional competition on Feb. 13, Fielder won ... Read More »

Black History Museum

Center spends Black History Month creating exhibits Students at Southwest Community Center got a dose of black history when they prepared a museum for the public to showcase different facets of their history and culture. On Feb. 25, the exhibits were opened to the public to walk through and judge, considering creativity, presentation, knowledge of the topic, organization and imagination. ... Read More »