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Delivered From A Snare

By Julius Lawrance

COVID-19, like a snare
A hidden trap
Which catches its prey
Each and every way
COVID-19, like a wildfire
Consumes in every way
Spreads quickly every day
Dry and woody land 
Furiously spreading like sand
COVID-19, a disaster it stands
A natural catastrophe inland
Causes great damage
As it goes
COVID-19, virulent
Extreme severe
Harmful in its effects
Bitterly hostile to the touch
Hard to describe
COVID-19, viciously
Deliberately cruel
Unable to control or endure

But God, deliverer uncovered its snare
If you dare to have courage
to trust His care
COVID-19, broken from its cover
Delivered from its snare
The touch it spreads
God’s Love its care
You can’t go over
You can’t go around
You can’t go under
You just have to go through
a deliverer its cure

God said, Listen!
I stand at your door knocking
If you hear My voice
And opens the door
I will come in
And dine with you
The deliverer of this disaster
Delivered from its snare.