Learning by Design

South Side students create and display new stained-glass windows for Dunbar Center She hopes her children — and maybe even her grandchildren — will be able to see her artwork someday. That’s because 100 years from now, 12-year-old Uniyah Chatman’s stained-glass window could still be hanging in the Dunbar Center. Read More »

'Hoods Heading to Heaven'

Bell Grove dance troupe puts on a play to fight street influence Friday, Dec. 3 You’ll eventually find your way back home. This is 40-year-old Nicole Hudson’s message to young people on the streets. It’s a lesson she says she had to learn the hard way. She grew up in a religious family. But around age 20, she began straying ... Read More »

Youth Engage in Writing Workshop

Around 150 students, from sixth through 12th grades, participated in free writing workshops at the second annual Writing Our Lives community event held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 13, at Percy Hughes Magnet School. Students came from the Syracuse City School District and the greater Syracuse area. Read More »

Grandparents raising grandchildren part of a national trend

Raising teenagers is no easy feat, and to do it twice is impressive. Clinton Williams Sr., 63, and his wife, Linda, 61, are raising their son’s three children. Having raised their own children before, nothing pulls the wool over the Williams’ eyes this time around. They are instilling values in their grandchildren that were common in their day, and are ... Read More »

Teacher, Mother and Protector

Linda Dunn’s classroom is a home away from home for her students Danforth Magnet Middle School feels like home to social studies teacher Linda Dunn. Indeed, it is. She not only teaches here now, but she also walked these very halls as an elementary student some 40 years ago. Dunn has had a classroom on every floor of the school ... Read More »

The Bully Problem

Schools in Syracuse engage students in how to respond to conflict Imagine hearing this in grade school: “You’re the dumbest girl I’ve ever met.” That’s what 10-year-old Vanessa Williams heard one girl say to another in her fifth-grade class at the Southside Charter Academy. “Bullying happens every day,” Vanessa said. Read More »

A Young Equestrian

Jovan Daniel began riding at a young age and wants to become a professional trainer For as long as he can remember, South Side resident Jovan Daniel loved horses. While his mother attended school at the University of Minnesota, 3-year-old Jovan would tag alongside her and visit the place on campus where students could board horses. He fed them and ... Read More »

Changing one mindset at a time

The Junior Frontiers of the Mohawk Valley teach students skills for ultimate success Many minority students go through school unaware of their potential and capabilities. They also don’t take advantage of all the resources that are available to them. One organization that is working to awaken and expose students to a world beyond their neighborhoods is The Junior Frontiers of ... Read More »

Students Represent the South Side Community at a Citywide Art Performance

Students, artists and community activists from the four quadrants of the city — South Side, Eastwood, West Side and North Side — came together to produce a unique, citywide puppet performance titled Art-in-Motion to celebrate the diversity and creativity of each neighborhood and foster an overall sense of community in Syracuse. Read More »

Stay-Home Students

Workshops and networks help parents decide whether to teach their children at home As local students gear up to go back to school, a growing number won’t make it past their front doors. Instead, they will receive their education right at home. Homeschooling is the education of children under their parents’ general care and replaces full-time attendance in a public ... Read More »