South Side Church Deacon Gives Back to His Home Community

Bobby Hudgins hasn’t lived on the South Side since 1997. But it’s still home. “Home” is New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on West Lafayette Avenue, a church he’s attended since 1973. “We’ve got roots here,” he said of himself and his wife, Mary, “so we keep coming here every Sunday morning.” Read More »

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Lunch was not the only thing that was free Saturday, Aug. 4, at Masjid Abdullah Muslim, located at 127 W. Brighton Ave. The community received the gift of a Ramadan Act of Giving sponsored by the International League of Muslim Women in conjunction with Focusing Our Resources for Community Enlightenment, ... Read More »

What a Wonderful Juneteenth Celebration When You Bring History to Life

Juneteenth is a celebration of pride, heritage, culture, history, knowledge, spirit, energy and talent that culminates into a vision of hope to preserve the past for the future. Juneteenth was established because Texas slaves were not told that they had been emancipated in 1863. Instead, they were informed two and half years later that they were free. This jubilation prompted ... Read More »

Juneteenth Q&As

Brenda Muhammad, The Stand Community Correspondent, visited the 2012 Juneteenth Celebration Saturday, June 16, in Clinton Square, to chat with attendees. Here she shares a handful of Q&As with those who attended, volunteered or worked at the annual celebration, starting with 8-year-old Denim Hall. Read More »

Deterring Crime

Businesses could benefit from potential installation of security cameras Corcoran High School senior Delores Woody, who lives near the intersection of Midland Avenue and West Colvin Street, lost three family members to violent crime: two shootings and one stabbing. She’s heard that surveillance cameras were installed on the West Side, and thinks it could help deter crime on the South ... Read More »

Special Achiever

Sam Rowser with On Point helps local students achieve college dreams Ever since Sam Rowser overcame the obstacles in his life that stood between him and a college degree, he has firmly believed that education is the key to positive change and success. “In my life, I’ve had some bumps in the road, and the one thing that was consistent ... Read More »

Focus on Disparity

Mayor adds two African-Americans to Citizens Cabinet The everyday South Siders who call for more African-Americans to represent them in government may have to do it themselves. But political experts in town and some African-Americans who have made it into city leadership acknowledge getting involved is costly and somewhat intimidating, and the very people calling for a greater voice sometimes ... Read More »

Receiving a Lift

Tucker Missionary Baptist Church provides members in need with financial, employment assistance Tucker Missionary Baptist Church provided Walter Tapley with spiritual guidance — but that won’t pay the rent. The church was there for that as well. “I had fallen on some hard times, and Tucker Missionary helped me through a lot of my struggles,” Tapley said. Read More »

Community Activist Calls on Youth to Rise Up Through New Radio Show

Ever since 2002, Mary Nelson, founder of the Mary Nelson Youth Center, has worked to empower her community. Recently Nelson decided to reach kids through the form of entertainment. On Thursday, April 12, Nelson will hold her first mock interview of the radio program Rise Up, which she says is scheduled to air on Clear Channel’s Power am 620 on ... Read More »

'We Are Trayvon Martin'

Crying out against injustice, voices united, focused on the value of human life. Residents of Syracuse and Central New York gathered in downtown Syracuse Friday, March 30, to honor Trayvon Martin and shed light on his death, injustices committed in this country and in our own backyards. Read More »