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Taking the Wheel

Branch’s Driving School flourishes with a father-son management team When Deraux Branch looks up from his small 8-and-a-half by 6-inch book, he sees the pupils of about 26 eyes staring back at him. One would think that from the second floor of the triangular building on the corner of West Genesee Street, these eyes could be easily distracted. Surrounding them ... Read More »

Summer Camp Offerings

Valerie Hill, the director of community services at the Southwest Community Center at 401 South Ave., says that for her, summer programming doesn’t end when the leaves take on their bright autumn hues. “As soon as summer camp ends, I start working on summer camp,” Hill said. Read More »

Sprouting Change

Teenagers will harvest fresh produce from once-empty property lots City officials and neighborhood activists are transforming the South Side’s landscape, turning a dozen vacant properties into an urban farm. The farm will employ the neighborhood’s teenagers during summer months and help alleviate the shortage of fresh produce on the South Side. Read More »

Emerging Market

Construction on new grocery store scheduled for this summer The dream of a full-service grocery store on Syracuse’s South Side will take a very big step toward becoming a reality, as construction workers plan to break ground on the nearly $3.5 million project by June. All that remains for the project’s planners is to locate and sign a tenant for ... Read More »

Food Coop Meets to Discuss Plans for Phase Three

The Southside Community Coalition met Thursday, May 5, at the New Covenant Baptist Church, 107 E. Beard Ave. to discuss with residents their vision of bringing a Food Coop to the South Side of the city. About 50 residents and members of the group listened as members of the Food Coop committee shared their plans to bring fresh produce and ... Read More »

Reliving the Turmoil: Syracuse's 15th Ward

By Students in Reading and Research at Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School Students create a position on urban renewal and how they say it destroyed a community The 15th Ward was a neighborhood in Syracuse that held about 90% of the city’s black people in the 1950s and 1960s. The newspapers claimed that the 15th Ward was full of ... Read More »

I-81's Future Challenged

Community members and transportation officials examine I-81’s role in Syracuse Years before President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System spread across American cities and eventually through Syracuse, the city’s 15th Ward was a vibrant, diverse community. Within it were high- and low-income residents, white and black neighbors and the city’s first black dentist. Read More »

Broken-Down Icon

Local group works to restore church, make it a national historic place Central New York historians want to give the oldest African-American church building in Syracuse a second life — through a permanent place on the National Register of Historic Places. Read More »

Library Losses

Local public libraries reduce services, limit events while trying to meet people’s needs In April, the Beauchamp Branch Library, at 2111 S. Salina St., will host a series of “First Movement of the Heart: Poetry and Interpretive Dance Classes for Teens.” Jackie Warren-Moore, a local poet, and Cheryl Williams Mitchell, a dance instructor, will teach five afternoon sessions in which ... Read More »

Many Attend Defend CNY Rally

New coalition of community organizations formed in response to current economic crisis A crowd of about 200 people, brought together by a new community organization, issued a call Monday, April 4, for economic justice and a renewed commitment to civil rights. Invoking the name and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the group filled the auditorium in ... Read More »