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Walk for Health

Healthy Neighbors partnership encourages active lifestyles for seniors Residents of Toomey Abbott Towers are taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. The Healthy Neighbors partnership between Syracuse Housing Authority and SUNY Upstate Medical University has launched a new walking program at the senior living facility. The partnership began in 2011 as a way for Upstate to leverage its resources in the ... Read More »

Liftoff to Success

Science program at OCC helps underrepresented students Strides are being made toward increasing the representation of minority groups in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields — through Onondaga Community College’s Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program. Known as CSTEP, the program was established to provide support for individuals from underrepresented groups. It helps more than 100 students each year ... Read More »

Street Addiction Diagnosed

Local ‘groundbreaking’ study reveals allure of streets mirrors other behavioral addictions “The hardest part of my job is hearing the mother’s scream after a homicide.” Those are the words of Timothy “Noble” Jennings-Bey, director of the Trauma Response Team, whose job is to respond to neighborhood killings and provide help to victim’s families. “I’m in the business of trying to ... Read More »

Current Issue

In our current Summer print issue, the cover features local teen rapper Makhai Bailey known as Truth Speaker. Urban Affairs reporter Ryan Raigrodski shares how Bailey finds an outlet through his lyrics to raise awareness on children’s rights. The Stand Director Ashley Kang contributed a look at a recently published study co-written by Syracuse University addiction experts and anti-violence community workers on ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

Article on Land Bank problematic To the Editor: In the April edition, you had an article about the “Land Bank Dispute.” The gist of the article was the contention by Councilors [Nader] Maroun, [Chad] Ryan and [Jean] Kessner that it is city policy to sell all properties through the Land Bank (LB). They insist the city could be making money ... Read More »

Truth Speaker

Syracuse teen raps to raise awareness of children’s rights issues Read More »

Rotary Chat Hears from CEO of Syracuse Community Health Centers

When Leola Rodgers was in high school, she had aspirations of becoming a legal secretary, but her guidance counselor told her she could do better. No one in Rodgers family or neighborhood had gone to college, so she didn’t think that was an option for her. With the help of her counselor, Rodgers received a scholarship to the University of ... Read More »