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Planting Roots

How farms across the U.S. are helping refugees connect with their new soil Read More »

South Siders Weigh In on Skaneateles Mega Mansion

In one of the poorest parts of one of the poorest cities in America, you might assume there’d be widespread resentment against the scion of a World War II screw maker erecting a mansion of elephantine dimensions, even by the Gatsbyesque standards of Skaneateles. But that’s the magic of America. Even on Syracuse’s South Side, maybe especially on the South Read More Read More »

Intentional Investment

Salina 1st LLC holds groundbreaking on new South Side development Armed with shovels, smiles and dreams of a revitalized South Salina Street, dignitaries and developers broke ground May 22 on a $6.8 million mixed-use complex in the shadow of downtown. Backers say the project, located near South Salina and Burt streets, will include commercial, residential, light industrial and office spaces Read More Read More »

Probation Heroes

If you’ve ever fled a burning building, you’ve perhaps emerged with a deeper appreciation of firefighters, the heroic figures who run toward the same danger you’re fleeing. Yet for all their bravery, firefighters prepare for those moments. Not so with probation officers. Running into a smoked-filled house to save the occupants isn’t in their job description, yet that’s what Probation Read More Read More »

Given the city’s less-than-stellar track record on big projects, our columnist implores residents to make their voices heard. About 800 years ago, my brother Steve and I were building a treehouse in the woods near our home when there were woods near our home. I still remember the joyful gravity of the endeavor — gravity being a concept we’ll revisit Read More Read More »

How to Submit a Letter to the Editor

Letters exist to provide a forum for public comment or debate.  When drafting your letter, there are a few guidelines to follow. Letters must be no more than 200 words. While it may be helpful to use other sources or talking points as resources for your letter, it is advised not to simply repeat what others have said or written. Read More Read More »

10th Annual Photo Walk

Anniversary event aims to capture a wider scope of the South Side neighborhood Despite the emptiness Linda Pritchard feels as she mourns the loss of her son, Darron Lundy, she tries not to let that overshadow the joy she feels when surrounded by the rest of her family. Lundy died in 2017 after a hit and run accident Linda Pritchard Read More Read More »

Local Advocates Work to Lower Death Rates Among Black Mothers

A Syracuse doula and yoga-enthusiast are helping to lower the maternal mortality rate Indaria Jones says that the full weight of her pregnancy hadn’t even begun to set in when she and her baby almost lost their lives. Indaria Jones says she wishes she’d known more before her traumatic pregnancy experience. Today, her daughter is a healthy toddler. The pair Read More Read More »

Q&A with Father Yusuf Abdul-Qadir

Nominated by Twiggy Billue Q: Tell me about your daughter? A: Her name is Maya Aneesa. She is 7 months old. She was born three days premature. Actually, she was born a few days before (my grad school) orientation. We moved houses a few days before. She is a fireball; she’s got a lot of personality and is very driven. Read More Read More »