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Unorthodoxed Studios

Local label gives opportunity to musical artists with uplifting messages to share Once a young rapper himself, A.J. Williams picked up his production equipment back in 2016 and left his business partners to take a leap and launch his own studio. That’s how Unorthodoxed Studios got its start. “We did a lot of good work,” Williams said, referring to his ... Read More »

Lessons Learned

Joshua King targets teens using a realistic approach to sex education Joshua Michael King will sometimes pause, looking dazed, while having an eerie, out-of-body moment. “Just talking to God,” he explains after shaking out of it. His faith-fueled mission over the past 18 years has been to educate Syracuse to take the path he is on now, not the one ... Read More »

Now an Officer

New minority officer preps body and mind to be the person he used to fear: a cop Brandon Hanks had a hard week. A timid 24-year-old whose eyes always seem to have a faint hint of a smile, Hanks sat in an empty gymnasium — hands clasped tightly together, foot nervously tapping the ground, the shimmer in his eyes now ... Read More »

Creating HOPE

Nonprofit fights poverty on three fronts: policy, perception and people Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E. is an anti-poverty initiative standing for Healing Opportunity Prosperity Empowerment. Syracuse is one of 16 cities chosen to participate in the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative or ESPRI. H.O.P.E. originally was created to model the Rochester Anti-Poverty Task Force to bring the community together to fight poverty. ... Read More »

Q&A with Father Anthony Pitts

As part-time coordinator of the Healthy Start Fatherhood Program, Pitts works to connect fathers with needed resources Q: What did it feel like when you became a father? A: The first time it was crazy. I was in college, and I was really uncertain about how I would be able to provide for a child. I had a lot of ... Read More »

Karate Master Looks to the Future

Local youth encouraged to seek out training Karate Master Roland Sims said he is bringing his sport — long on discipline and mental concentration — back to Syracuse’s South Side. “I’m trying to re-grow it, right now,” said Sims, 49, on local interest in the ancient sport. “But it’s hard because it’s the wintertime. In the summertime, all you got ... Read More »

Media Exchange

The South Side Newspaper Project has partnered with the community paper in Grahamstown, South Africa — Grocott’s Mail — for a journalistic exchange series – Your Town, Our Town. We will share stories between publications to unify, educate and enlighten both communities. Each exchange pair is shown with the same headline color.   | Recognizing Talent Syracuse resident observes Grahamstown ... Read More »

Q&A with Father Lazarus Sims

Nominated by Anthony Pitts, newly appointed coordinator of Healthy Start’s Fatherhood Program Q: What did it feel like when you became a father? A: It’s an amazing experience. Something you are never ready for. You can’t go off of someone else’s experience to become prepared because kids are all different, the process is always different. But it was amazing and ... Read More »