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Q&A with Father Arnold Malloy

Nominated by his wife, Lauren Malloy Q: How did it feel when you became a father? A: It was a year after we got married we found out we were pregnant. It was definitely a joyous occasion. It was obviously new and something to look forward to as far as a legacy standpoint for me. It was a great feeling. ... Read More »

Dunbar Center Celebrates a Century

Dunbar Association Inc. is dedicated to bringing the community together Syracuse’s Dunbar Association Inc., an organization dedicated to the promotion of racial equality in a city nationally known for extremely high concentrations of black and Hispanic poverty, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Dunbar Association, commonly known as the “Dunbar Center,” was officially incorporated in the 1930s, but ... Read More »

Reflecting on Frederick Douglass’ legacy of fighting for justice

Celebrated abolitionist commemorated by local artist, national newspaper columnist Frederick Douglass, who has been called the greatest American of the 19th century, grew up as a slave named Frederick Bailey. He became a prominent American abolitionist, author and orator. He made several appearances in Syracuse during his lifetime (1818-95). On Nov. 14, 1861, he gave a speech, “The Rebellion: Its ... Read More »

Current Issue

In this issue, we wrap up The Stand’s series “Prison to Family” with a profile on PEACE Inc.’s South Side center coordinator Charles Rivers, who uses his past experiences in and out of prison to help others returning to free society. PEACE also announces the center’s re-entry work will continue for another two years because the Family Reunification Pilot Grant ... Read More »

How one man’s past led him to create a brighter future for others coming home from prison Read More »

Carrying Anomalies to the Fire

One artist’s mission to leave a legacy in the face of encroaching mortality Artist and former NFL player Jim Ridlon stands amongst a crowd at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park for the premiere of his newest collection, “Nature’s Bounty.” The exhibit consisted of wooden anomalies that bear abstract resemblance to the skulls of extinct animals and faces of ambassadors ... Read More »

Students Push for Changes to School Lunch

Throughout this school year, Syracuse City School District students will likely see a world of changes during their lunch breaks. Burmese coconut curry and Mexican meatballs over rice and beans are likely candidates for these non-traditional lunches that will be offered. Cafeteria-goers may be excited but hardly surprised—after all, students recommended these very changes. The new school menus result from ... Read More »