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Policing Bodies Discussion

By Katherine J. Scoville  As the Policed Bodies conversation came to a close, more important and essential points of view were brought to the table. The final session was led by Yusuf S. Abdul-Qadir, a member of the Syracuse Police Accountability and Reform Coalition, who was accompanied by other panelists.  The conversation first centered on what it meant to be ... Read More »

Critical Analysis of Policing

Syracuse webinar provides a dark reality of American policing By Kambui Bomani The Lender Center for Social Justice launched a two-day conversation on issues of race, disability and justice centering around the issues of policing. During one session titled “Policed Bodies: A Community Conversation on Race, Disability and Justice” local advocates discussed the current relationship between Blacks and police in ... Read More »

One in 10 Syracuse Children Have Elevated Blood Lead Levels

By Sydney GoldDarlene Medley talks about her kids the way mothers do. She has nine children, the youngest two a set of twins named Rashad and Devon. She calls her oldest twin “huggy bear” and remarks upon his unparalleled sharing skills. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed thinking about how sweetly he offers a chicken nugget to her or his siblings, when ... Read More »

Iconic Mural Coming Soon

By Reggie Seigler This downtown effort is being led by Jazzfest director to imprint Syracuse basketball icons Frank Malfitano is seeing things. He sees the south east wall of a six-story building at 333 E. Onondaga St. in Syracuse as a huge mural, and he wants us to see it, too.  The mural, he says, will pay homage to four ... Read More »

New Developments on the South Side

By Ashley Kang South Side residents were updated on the renovation of two South Salina Street properties at this week’s Tomorrow’s Neighborhoods Today meeting. Abandoned Church Couple Evelyn and Chino Ingram, who purchased the abandoned church at 2110 S. Salina St. from the Greater Syracuse Land Bank in July, shared preliminary design plans for the property developed with King + ... Read More »

Syracuse Parks Conservancy wins Distinguished Citizen Award

By Kamal Morgan The Syracuse Parks Conservancy was awarded the Distinguished Citizen Award by Central New York Recreation & Park Society for the proposed Carm’s Dog House Park and the Syracuse Swims on Campaign. The award recognizes a citizen, community park board member or volunteer who has demonstrated exceptional efforts towards enhancing and supporting parks and recreation in their community. ... Read More »

Rediscovering a Gift

Musician uses his personal journey to uplift the community that raised him By Kamal Morgan Jaquiel Bullock, formerly a youth advocate at Westside Academy at Blodgett Middle School, was driving a 12-passenger van full of middle schoolers. He searched for his aux cord to connect his phone to the vehicle’s speakers but couldn’t find it. He settled on the radio, ... Read More »

Study on Air Pollution in Syracuse and the I-81 Project Presented

By Marnie Muñoz Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC) members presented findings from a recent student-led study on air pollution in Syracuse during a virtual GreeningUSA Green Bag Lunch session in March.  Throughout the meeting, AmeriCorp intern Terrance Valdes shared details from the group’s ongoing research on air pollution and its relationship to the Interstate 81 viaduct, identifying air quality as a ... Read More »

View a 3D model of Syracuse, overlaid with historical snapshots

By Violet Lazarus Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, so the Visualizing I-81 team at Syracuse University are digging into the past for the future of the community. The Visualizing 81 team will bring to life the stories connected to Interstate 81 — its past, present and future — through immersive storytelling by combining 360-degree imagery, ... Read More »

Local Architecture Professor Uses South Side as Spatial Justice Example

By Violet Lazarus  Amid the conversation about the impending reconstruction of the Interstate 81 viaduct  it is clear to Syracuse residents that the built environment can have dramatic effects on one’s living conditions.  Syracuse University architecture professor Sekou Cooke joined a panel of esteemed Black architects for a discussion titled “Black Reconstructions: Cities and Spatial Justice” hosted by the Museum ... Read More »