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Gender Separation

Clary Middle School puts boys and girls in different classrooms Clary Middle School is halfway through its first academic year of gender separation in the classroom, and one constituency enthusiastically endorses it. Others are still adjusting. Clearly loving it: parents. Not quite so much: some students. Read More »

Remembering 711 East Fayette

  Syracuse native Eddie Brooks says the crumbling building at 711 E. Fayette St. was once the nucleus of the community where he grew up. “We were like a family. Everyone knew everyone. If you needed anything, they were there,” Brooks said. Read More »

A Moorish Faith

Anthony Harris El focuses on national pride, a sense of peace Anthony Harris El raises his hands at the lectern, his eyes tightly shut in concentration as he leads his study group in prayer. The Moorish flag billows over the airway, side by side with the flags of Islam and the United States. A hushed silence hovers over the group ... Read More »

Hope’s Garden Presents a Black History Inspired Fashion Show

Strength and beauty, the descriptors come to the forefront of one’s mind in the presence of the designers and models that made up the BODI BI CORII fashion show. The event was hosted by the Beauchamp Branch of the Onondaga County Public Library Feb. 18 and presented by the designers that make up Hope’s Garden. Quieesha Burns and Precious Allen ... Read More »

Combating Voter Apathy

Local residents met to discuss voter’s rights and lack of involvement at the A.M.E Zion Church on Monday. The sessions will continue as monthly workshops as part of a joint effort of the NAACP and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. “You have to participate if you expect to get anything out of government,” said South Side resident Khalid Bey. “The greater ... Read More »

Strolling the South Side

Newly Opened South Literacy Zone assists in adult education and GEDs It has been more than 30 years since Arlene Brodbeck sat in a classroom. But at age 52, Brodbeck decided it was time to get her GED diploma — for her own education and so she could help her 25 grandchildren with homework. It was the South Literacy Zone that ... Read More »

Business With a Pop

A Community Test Kitchen Helped Echols Gourmet Desserts Get Started In the fast-paced era of frozen meals, Echols Gourmet Desserts offers a taste of the good old days, when most food was made from scratch. Charlene Echols-Barnes founded the wholesale dessert company 15 years ago in Syracuse. She decided to pursue a family dream of opening up a bakery after ... Read More »

Local NAACP Chapter President on the Importance of Voting

On Monday, Feb. 13, the Syracuse/Onondaga Co. NAACP and the Syracuse Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta will hold a voter education meeting at the Peoples A.M.E Zion Church at 2306 S. Salina St. The meeting is the first part of a series designed to teach the Syracuse community about the importance of voting. To help convey the message the ... Read More »