Board of Directors

The Stand’s Board of Directors

Charles Pierce-El

Charles was born and raised in Syracuse. He currently is the President of the South Side Community Coalition and is a retired employee from Chrysler.

He is also the president/chairperson of the South Side Homeowner Association, chairperson of Saving Our Society and a member of a couples of more organizations in an around the city of Syracuse.

Besides this, he enjoys bowling, swimming, chess, jogging, cooking and reading.

He sees The Stand as a great opportunity for the youth of Syracuse’s South Side and the community as a whole. He hopes many will get involved in the project. “The Stand can only go as far as we take it.”

In the future, he would like The Stand to be run by the community. He believes this is a wonderful opportunity to the community. “It’s a great jewel for our community; it represents all sectors of the city of Syracuse. Everyone can get something out of it. We include everyone.”

Shanteashia Harris El

Shanteashia is a graduate of Henninger High School and holds two nursing degrees: a bachelors of science from the University of Rochester and a masters of science from Upstate Medical University. She currently works as a nurse practitioner. She has volunteered her time at Moorish Science Temple of America and in the past, with the Big Brother Big Sister program.

She loves traveling and religion.

She would like to see articles of religious, political, cultural, food (recipes) and health content featured in The Stand.

Reginald A. Seigler

Reginald volunteers as the coordinator of Jubilee Homes Inc. Southwest Showcase Sundays by acting as a strong promoter to these community events held at the Spirit of Jubilee Park in the summer. He is an active member in the Tucker Missionary Baptist Church, contributes to The Post-Standard as a Newschaser and also serves as the bandleader for Soft Spoken Band.

He is helping to launch an entertainment column, A Friendly Five, in The Stand that highlights the music and history of the local music scene. He also hopes to see The Stand become involved with South Side schools and be an outlet for the community to voice their concerns.

In his free time, he enjoys recording and mixing audio, videography, photography and writing.

Tajuana (Tae) Cerutti

A native of Syracuse, Tae had the opportunity to return home for an internship position with Onondaga County after being away in Buffalo for nearly eight years. She currently helps to ensure compliance standards are met to include the use of minority and women-owned business enterprises and a diverse workforce, particularly within the construction industry.

Her higher education background in communication, English and public relations is a true reflection of her love for creative writing and building relationships as a child. Through internships, volunteer opportunities and involvement at her local church back in Buffalo, Tae was able to identify and cultivate her passion for community relations. She enjoys helping to organize and promote awareness about organizations and events, creating communication tools, providing resources to enhance one’s quality of life, and most of all, working with active community members looking to make a positive difference.

She hopes to continue getting involved in the community she grew up in, imparting her skills to help make it better while learning at the same time. As a powerful tool to help tell the oftentimes untold stories, Tae hopes The Stand will grow into an informative, multi-media movement.

Nate Brown

Nate was born and raised on the South Side of Syracuse. He has worked for many different agencies in the Syracuse community. He currently works for Onondaga County Probation Department in the Juvenile Justice section.

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also helps out in the community with his organization Omega Psi Phi Inc.

Nate is also the manager for BrownSkin Band, one of the busiest musical groups in the Syracuse area.
He hopes he can further the bright future of The Stand newspaper and get the community more involved.

Dale Harp

Dale joined The Stand as a board member this past month but has been connected with the publication since 2013. He was first featured in The Stand’s pages for being a local, published author of “The Day My Dawgs Ran,” a book he wrote while incarcerated. He wanted to share his personal stories about going down the wrong path as a way to encourage youth to make better choices. He next participated in The Stand’s recent summer long storytelling series From Where We Stand.

Now he is eager to be further involved as a board member. Harp is also a volunteer at the Mary Nelson Youth Center, Faith Hope Community Center and member of Citizen Action of NY.

The Late John A. Young

John is retired two times from his careers in communications and information with the Department of Defense (The Pentagon) civilian and the U.S. Army in public affairs. He also worked for many years in Syracuse media companies in TV, radio and cable. His major life career has been as a photojournalist in many parts of the world.

John majored in radio and television at Onondaga Community College and worked for WHEN (WTVH-5) TV and WCNY-TV stations. In radio, he worked for WONO and WSEN; he also became the first sales manager of Rogers Cable in Syracuse (now called Time-Warner Cable).

He had his start in the South Side of Syracuse as a self-trained photographer at Central Technical High School in 1965. His family has always been based in education and socially in support of the Syracuse community. He enjoys playing chess, listening to jazz and classical music and enjoys non-contact sports and fishing.