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Posted on October 5th, 2012 by The Stand in Uncategorized

At First Sound:

D.Lyte sounds like the lyrical composition of Big Sean meets the treble of Tyga or a young Flo-Rida. D.Lytes content is, thankfully, not inundated with thug life and “I’ll take yo’ girl” cliches. It’s realistic: young, eligible up and coming braggadocio about the process of being a hot rapper without the profanities.

Young rap artist Deion Herring aka D.Lyte performs at the Pan-African Stage. Photo submitted by D.Herring / Percy Images

The Band:

This is a one-man act who gives lots of love to fellow Wayne County youth coming up and venturing out of the rural corners of Central New York. D.Lyte went from Cayuga Community College with a dual associates in radio and audio production to SUNY Oswego to study radio and broadcast. He produces himself and commanded the Pan-African stage as a first-time act, very worthy, which in an adult dominated corner of the Fair, is not an easy thing to do.


The Sound:

The vocal production of Grizzly mode, D.Lytes latest mixtape (available on is intricate and impressively not amateur. The audio production is impressive though it lacks the strong bass chattering syncopation that a Young Money or Dr. Dre studio can afford. Otherwise, lyrically D.Lyte is the resurface of witty and radio-ready hooks and love lyrics. He is our local LL and can only get better from here.


Take away songs of the mixtape:

“Take it Off” and “Iced Tea”


Catch Him On: and facebook



Interview Moment:

Hearing the magnanimous amounts of support D.Lyte gets from his parents and other adults respecting his self-motivated “Grizzly mode” endeavors at music while in school and performing around Central New York.




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